Welcome to Pens & Prayers

So what is Pens & Prayers?  We’re so glad you asked…

In the wake of Tawdra Kandle’s husband losing his job at the church and her life changing quite a bit, she felt the urge to write about her family’s journey, as well as other related issues that are part of her own faith journey. But fitting in the time to maintain a blog like this seemed overwhelming.

Meanwhile, Olivia Hardin, in the weeks after the death of her grandmother, felt a similar calling. She posted several excellent and thought-provoking pieces. But like Tawdra, she found it hard to maintain a regular schedule of posting to a blog.

On Easter, Tawdra was at a service her husband was conducting at a long-term care facility. During the prayers, she felt a very clear call to do something new: form a group of like-minded authors of faith and together present a blog where they could each contribute posts as their time and God’s urging allowed. When she told Olivia, they were both astounded, because Olivia had heard the very same message, all the way in Texas! (God is really pretty cool!)

So was formed Pens and Prayers: Writers Sharing Thoughts on Faith & Spirituality.

We’ve invited other authors to prayerfully consider participating with us in this endeavor. We envision Pens and Prayers becoming an outlet for authors to share what God may have laid on our hearts.

We thank you so much for visiting us and we hope what we write blesses you.

Tawdra and Olivia