For your faith journey

If you’ve ever gotten ready for a journey, you know that the things you take with you are vital. We’ve got all the right tools and provisions for you as you walk your faith journey with us.

Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.

In The Faith Book, Tawdra and Olivia share the stories of their journey to understand God’s movement in their lives. In each chapter, they explore the growth, learning and revelations they continue to experience as they strive to turn their eyes upwards.

A devotional prayer journal for today.
Join Olivia Hardin as she writes out her fears, her anxieties, her despair, and her intentions, laying them at the altar of the one who called us His own. Together we’ll bind our prayers together with the red rope of hope.

Do you find it hard to sit down to read The Word? The Bible: Beginning to End podcast is a fantastic way to immerse yourself in God’s truth. You can use this as a meditation, Bible study, or as a way to focus your mind on God’s word. The narrator has a lovely voice that is soothing and helps you focus on the text and she also offers periodic questions to get your mind thinking about what God is teaching. Highly recommend!

The journey we take is not meant to be taken alone we’re to take it together.”

Shellie Palmer